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 And The Roleplaying Begins...

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PostSubject: And The Roleplaying Begins...   Thu Sep 29, 2011 8:54 am

The official start date for this roleplay to start is October 2nd.

We realise this is still some time away for those who are eager to start roleplaying now, so we have devised some things we would like you to do before we begin:

[1] Create a Fanfiction in the Fanfiction section found under "Gallery". This should include what happened on the night of the party. Feel free to do duel fanfictions where you create a fanfiction between two characters. You will see an example soon between Cale and Anya.

[2] You may post one post in the Hall. Only one. It must state, your initial thoughts, the police have just dragged you into the hall with five other people and you have been told you are suspects in a murder investigation, nothing else. Please do not interact with other players in this one post.

Thank you for your time and Cale and I cannot wait to begin roleplaying with you all.

*EDIT* : The best fanfiction will be decided between me and Cale and that person not only gets the pleasure of been interrogated first but can choose who they want to be interrogated by, either Anya or Cale.
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And The Roleplaying Begins...
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