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 Let the games begin..

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PostSubject: Let the games begin..   Thu Sep 29, 2011 9:58 am

Megara walked into the party, putting her invitation away. Her eyes glanced around, smirking when she saw good looking guys, "Wow..It's like a party for me. I wonder how lucky I'm going to get tonight." She giggled, walking further into the party. She watched as a couple fought, apparently the man had cheated on her. Megara laughed, amused by the fact the woman got so upset. She walked away, letting the two solve out their problems. Maybe she could even help the boy out later. She then saw her best friend Holli dancing. Her eyes narrowed as a smirk formed, walking to Holli she grabbed her waist, putting her finger on her lip, "Hey sexy, you wanna dance?" Megara laughed when Holli hugged her, "Hey you. I can see you are already seducing the boys." Her eyes wandered, looking at the guys who were staring.

Holli laughed, "It's so fun to mess with these punks. Especially when I know what they want." She had almosted moaned the last part.

Megara smirked, "Let's give them what they really want, sugar." She dragged Holli close to her, kissing her lips softly. Only when she heard cheers she deepened the kiss.

Holli was surprised, laughing as she kissed Megara back. Her hands going down to her butt, rubbing it.

Megara laughed, pulling away, "Naughty thing you." She then started to dance with Holli, fascinated how the boys were looking at her. This was what she was used to, having the boys drool over her. "Oh, so much sex will happened tonight..I can't wait!" After a couple of songs, looking around she decided to go have fun with boys, "I'll be back sugar, I need some loving." Her smirk had formed again.

While walking around, Megara saw a dude alone. It was the same dude that was fighting with the girl a while ago. She walked to him, putting her hands on her hips, "Your looking down sugar. What's wrong?" Her eyes were on the good looking man.

The man looked up to her, "My girlfriend dumped me, I cheated on her and now I'm paying for it." He put his hands over his eyes, "I'm such a dumbass, no matter how hard I try to resist girls..I end up having sex with them."

Megara wanted to laugh, hearing how sad he was, "Well hun, did you two have sex?" She wanted to know this. Cause most likely the bitch was doing something wrong.

The man looked up at the beautiful girl, nodding his head, "Yes we did but-!"

Megara stopped him when he said but, "But..She wasn't good, was she?" Her smirked formed again, knowing it all too well. If the man wanted to have sex with other girls. It meant that the bitch was doing something wrong.

"Why yes." His eyes were wide, "I'm surprised you even know that? Who are you?"

She laughed, loving how he wanted to know her now, "The name's Megara, Megara Scarlett." She put out her hand, waiting for a handshake.

The man laughed, "Nice to meet you Megara. I'm John, John Roulfe." He shook her hand, smiling at her. His eyes slowly looked her up and down.

Megara laughed, "Nice name, very sexy.." She sat on his lap, her legs on both sides of his legs. When she felt his heart beat speed up, it made her laugh, "Am I already turning you on?" Her smirk had formed again.

"I..I..Wouldn't..Wouldn't say..Th-that.." He gulped.

She laughed, "Come on sugar, I'll make you happy." She grabbed his hand, leading him to a place where no one could see them. Megara pushed him on the ground, smirking as he laughed. She knew he would like her moves, knowing she would also love him. She took off her dress, letting it drop to the floor. As she watched John's gaze her body started to tense up, something she always did when she wanted someone badly. Megara took off her bra and her underwear, bending down to him as she helped him take off his clothes. She licked her lips, kissing him softly.

John's hands went up to her breasts, rubbing them softly. He rolled over, letting him be on top of her. He kissed her neck and trailed his kissed down to her breasts. When hearing her moan he laughed, sucking on her nipples now. His hand went down to her inner thigh, letting his hand go to her area, rubbing her clit with his finger.

Megara moaned louder, enjoying his kisses and touch. As he rubbed her clit her moan got louder, "Yes! Oh, baby..Faster please!" When he went faster her moans went louder. It didn't take long for her climax to come, looking at him she smirked, "Come here sweetie..Let me make you wild!"

He laughed, getting on his legs. He know what she meant.

Megara smirked, seeing how big he was brought chills down her spine. She grabbed him gently, licking his dick before sucking on the head. As she first sucked him slowly, but as time went by she sucked faster and harder. She could feel him building up, sucking harder and faster.

John moaned louder when she sucked him, moaning more as he came.

Megara had stopped sucking, letting his cum fall on her chest and stomach. She slowly wiped it off, pulling him down onto the ground on top of her, "Enter me..Now please!" She moaned.

John laughed, moving his dick around, penetrating her fast and hard. He heard her moan, making him start thrusting into her. He went faster and harder when she begged him to.

Megara wrapped her arms around him, hugging him close. Their bodies rubbed against each other. Her moans got louder and louder, "YES! YES! YES! FASTER! FUCK..YES!" As he went fast her, she screamed her moans, enjoying the pleasure. After a good 20 minutes, they reached climax together, "John..I'm..I'm going to..John!" She suddenly came, feeling him come inside her.

"Same..Here..Meg..Same..Oh god!" He came inside her, feeling her come on his dick. He breathed hard, looking at her, "That was great..Do you..Do this often?"

Megara smirked, "I'm what jealous bitches call a slut. I work at the Burlesque strip and slut house."

John was surprised, but he laughed, "Well you got yourself a customer."

Megara laughed, "Good to know, well we should be getting back to the party. My girl friend is waiting for me." She winked at him, getting up. She walked to a fountain, washing the cum off of her. Megara then walked back to John, kissing him before walking off, "I'll see you around." She put her clothes back on, walking off back to the party.

She walked to the ballroom, hopping onto Holli's back, "I just had the best fucking sex ever. And I got a new customer." Megara laughed, letting Holli spin her around.

"Oh my fucking god. Congrats my little Meggy." She laughed, falling over it was clear she was tipsy.

Megara laughed, walking to the bar with her. They had champagne, margaritas and had shots. She laughed, loving how she was tipsy now. She went back to the dancing spot, dancing with Holli. The dancing lasted for a long time..

Until they heard screams, making Megara stopped. She looked at Holli, looking unsatisfied, "What the fuck?" She then turned around fast. They then heard someone was murdered, before she could go check it out she was dragged away by unknown men, "HEY LET GO OF ME, WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING BASTARDS!? FUCK OFF!"

Megara was dragged to a man and a woman, crossing her arms as she looked at them. Her facial expression was not pleased, realizing the two were inspectors, "Oh great. I'm a suspect huh?" She scoffed, seeing them nod their heads, "Great! I'm not even going to try to plead my innocents you fuckers!" She walked off when a man escorted her to the hallway where everything was empty except some other people. Megara crossed her arms, looking around the hallway. She sighed, walking to a chair as she sat down, "Well then..Let the games begin."

The End
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PostSubject: Re: Let the games begin..   Sat Oct 01, 2011 12:46 am

ooc: Wow! Meg seems really a bitch!!! XD
I'm sure that we will have a lot of dun together!!! 8D
Beautiful ff Wink
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PostSubject: Re: Let the games begin..   Sat Oct 01, 2011 4:45 am

[[OOC I'm sooo happy you liked it 8D!]]
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PostSubject: Re: Let the games begin..   

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Let the games begin..
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