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 Mrs. Cinderella White

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General Information
Name: Cinderella White
Sex: Female
Age: 24
D.O.B: 2nd March
Job Status: Maid
Desire: To finally have a family of her own with the man she loves.
Fear: That her husband will find out what she's done and it will be all her fault if her marriage finally breaks apart.

Cinderella can be rather two faced at times, but only to those she doesn't consider to be close to. She's only truly close to a few people, but is completely loyal to those few. She's kind and would drop everything to help someone if she thought that they needed it.
In Public, she is respectful and polite in front of people who are of a higher class than herself, usually only speaking when spoken to. She pretends to be humbled by any male attention she recieves and enjoys teasing the men who are interested in her, seeing how far she can go with them before she feels like she's threatening her marriage.
When she's alone with someone, she tends to speak her mind and can be manipulative and bitchy, especially if she's left alone with someone she doesn't like. If she's ever confronted about this 'other' side of her, she acts completely innocent, good at lying her way out of trouble. Not only is she good at hiding her behaviour, but at hiding her affairs as well. Even if it's only when she needs somewhere else to stay for the night, after a particularly bad fight with her husband, that she ends up sleeping with other men. When and what happens is usually always on her terms and she's never worried about her husband finding out, knowing that he would never believe a stranger over her especially without any evidence.

Cinderella never knew her father, whenever she asked about him she was always told that he was dead and that was that. She loved her mother more than anything and was raised by her until she died when she was 5 years old.
She was later taken in by Odette's parents, being raised by them and has been like a sister to Odette ever since. She started working for them as a maid at the age of 13, to try and repay them for everything they'd done for her.
She met Joseph White when she was 16, he was 32. She played hard to get for a few months, unsure if she was really falling for him or she just enjoyed the compliments and gifts he gave her.
When she heard the news that the people who had raised her were dead, Joseph took care of her and helped her through her grief. She was grateful for his help and it was then that she realised she had fallen in love with him, knowing that if he had eyes for anyone else but her then he would never have put up with her tears and been the shoulder to cry on that she needed at that time.
Cinderella was delighted to hear that Odette was getting married and was grateful when she offered her a place to continue working for her when she moved in with her husband.
At the age of 18, Cinderella married Joseph and they continued living happily together. When she turned 21, she found out she was pregnant and 9 months later she gave birth to her first child, a daughter they named Lilly who they loved more than anything else. But a few months after she was born, she got sick and died suddenly one night. This tragedy broke both of their hearts and caused them to start to drift apart.
A few months later, the couple were happy when they found out that Cinderella was pregnant once again. They hoped for a second chance to start a family of their own, but complications arose during the later stages of her pregnancy which caused her to lose the baby. However, the bad news continued to come as she was told that because of her miscarriage she would no longer be able to have a child. Heartbroken and pushed further apart, the couple started fighting. Cinderella's 'other side' starting to show itself and their arguments becoming more frequent as the years passed.
Now 24, Cinderella still loves her husband but their good days are strongly outweighed by the bad. She would never purposefully try to hurt him, but during their worst fights, even though he has never laid a hand on her, his words still hurt her. She tries to hide it by being spiteful but her anger usually leads her into the arms of another man. Joseph becomes jealous and overprotective of her when other men pay attention to her, but he still hasn't found out about a single one of her affairs. Despite not being able to stop herself, she does feel bad about what she's done with other men as she doesn't want to break her marriage any further.

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Mrs. Cinderella White
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