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 Colonel Phoebus Mustard

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PostSubject: Colonel Phoebus Mustard   Fri Sep 30, 2011 6:47 am

General Information
Name: Colonel Phoebus Mustard
Sex: Male
Age: 29
D.O.B: September 13th
Job Status: Colonel
Desire: To continue to seek his Mother's approval, to improve in the ranks of the army
Fear: And why do you assume he has one?

Phoebus Mustard is unpredictable to say the least. He was brought up by his mother who spoilt him, and therefore naturally he is quite arrogant and egotistic. Furthermore he also has a short temper, which only thrived after his career in the army. He has been in the armed forces over 12 years now, and this has made him very tough-skinned. However in reality his experiences at war have seriously affected his mental state, to the point in which he is now stated to be 'medically unstable.' Most obviously this means his temper has worsened, but Doctors are concerned with him more sadistic tendancies that are appearing as a result.

Phoebus' mother, Cruella Mustard, was widowed at an early stage in Phoebus' life. He does not have many memories of his father but his mother did not encourage mourning and so he was taught to move on quickly. His mother brought him up to keep him emotions in tact, and keep a cold exterior, however he will always remain extremely loyal and dedicated to her- eager to do anything to impress her and gain her approval.
When Phoebus was a teenager his family inherited a large amount of money, which instantly improved his standard of living. Him and his mother moved into a large estate, and he was able to be served on his every need. However Phoebus soon became increasingly bored. At the age of 17 he left his home and joined the army. From there he quickly showed the ruthlessness and leadership skills required to move up the ranks, and to this day he is now Colonel, a title he insists on using regularly to enforce his authority.
In the last year Phoebus suffered a bad experience in the army. He is unwilling to talk about it, and no doctor has been able to get through to him. However what they can be sure over is that the experience has affected Pheobus extremely negatively. He can go through stages of extreme paranoia, or fixation on someone or something. He also has become more ruthless, seemingly enjoying mocking and making the lives of others miserable. There are also times when he can become extremely depressed, however this is never normally shown except in the form of anger and hatred- in which he will take out his own misery on others.

Introduction Video
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Colonel Phoebus Mustard
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