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 The life of the party... right...

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PostSubject: The life of the party... right...   Fri Sep 30, 2011 6:28 pm

The sun peeked in through the crack in the curtain, bringing a small strip of light a across a large canopy bed.

One of the occupants of the bed let out a content sigh as she started to wake up. The woman's blue, almost violet, eyes opened a little. She reached her arms out from under the blankets and arched her back as she stretched. She collapsed back onto the bed with a sigh. She looked around the large room and jumped when she heard loud snore. She looked over and giggled quietly, before she crawled across the large bed, with a playful smile on her face.

She leaned over and kissed the sleeping old man's big nose, making him jump awake.

“Good morning, Lovely.” She whispered, with a playful tone.

The old man let out a yawn. “Hmm? ...Good morning, Beautiful.” He said, once he was more awake. “Enjoy yourself last night?” He asked with a wink.

She giggled and snuggled up to him. “Mmm, yes. It still amazes how you bend that way with the help of your cane.” She said, with a mischievous little smile.

He laughed. “Oh, this old fella still has plenty of new moves!” He said, before letting out another laugh.

She laughed. “Well, I had a great time, George.” She said, giving him a kiss on his lips. She smiled at him and her fingers entwined with the white curls on his chest.

He kissed her forehead. “So did I, Odette.” He said, with a wink.

She smiled at him, before there was a knock on the bedroom door.

“Come in!” George called out. The door opened to reveal a tall, bald on the top, butler.

He walked in. “Telephone for you, Mr. Peacock. It is your Vice president, sir.”

“Oh! Thank you, Edgar.” George said, grabbing his housecoat. “I'll be there in a moment, Edgar, you may go.”

Edgar bowed. “Thank you, sir, I shall inform Mr. Wilson that you will be out shortly.” He said, before turning and walking out of the room, shutting the door behind him.

George slipped out of bed, pulling his housecoat over his naked body. Odette turned over and laid on her stomach, showing she too was without clothing. Her long, wavy, blonde hair spread over to her left shoulder as she watched George tie his robe, with a smile on her face.

George slipped his house shoes on he started humming. He looked at Odette and gave her a kiss on the cheek, before skipping a little out of the room.

Odette bit her bottom lip in a smile as she moved back onto her hands and knees on the bed. She reached over and grabbed her housecoat from the other side of the bed, before hopping off of the bed. She quickly tied her housecoat around her as she ran to the door and opened it. She stood in the doorway as George spoke on the phone in the hall.

She let out a silent giggle when she was George on the step stool to reach the phone. He was so cute, the cutest old man she had ever met. She even thought that when she was a child and he would visit. She really loved him: He took care of her after her parents died and she was forced out of her home by her aunt. He was like her guardian angel in a sense.

“Ah! Charles! How are you? … Yes... Hmm... That does sound like a good deal... Uh-huh... Is that the only time?... All right...” She heard him sigh. “I guess we're both missing the party tomorrow night, huh?”

Odette froze at those words.

He was going to have to miss her party? He's never missed her party...

“Uh-huh, yes, I'll leave after breakfast... See you then, Charles. Goodbye.” He said, before hanging up. He muttered a few things to himself, before turning and seeing Odette in the doorway.

“My party won't be the same without you there... You're always the life of the party.” Odettte said, smiling.

“I guess that means you'll have to party hard for both of us, eh?” He said, with a little laughter in his voice.

“So... what's the new product?” She asked, curious.

George Peacock was the founder of Peacock industries, where the find inventions and new products to buy and make the item in question more bigger then ever.

“Some invention that a will actually take photographs that move. Sounds like it will be a winner!” George said, rubbing his hands together in excitement.

George had always gone for the most unusual items and inventions, and he always seemed to make them big.

Odette gave him a kiss on his bald head. “Well, come on, you wouldn't want to be late for the trip.” She said, with a smile.

After breakfast, the staff had gotten the car packed up, as Odette and George were saying goodbye.

Odette hugged George. “Mmm, stay safe. You have your ticket for the train, yes?” She asked, pulling back.

“Should be in my luggage.” George said, getting into the car.

“Cinderella?” Odette asked, as she turned her head slightly to the blonde haired woman in a maid uniform.

“Yes, Madame, his ticket is his small brown luggage, I put it in there myself, Madame.” Cinderella said, with a small curtsy.

Odette smiled at one of her oldest friends. “Thank you, Cinderella. Now, George, make sure to keep your eyes on the road this time. Last time you almost ran over a cow.”

George laughed as he started up the car. “I'll be fine, Odette.”

“Ha, you better be, old man, I still need you.” She said, jokingly with a wink.

George laughed some more. “You take care of yourself, now.” He said, hugging her again.

“I will... as long as you promise to take care of yourself.”

“Where's the fun in that?” He said, before laughing again. “Well, I'm off.” He pulled the parking brake and shift the car into gear.

“Goodbye! Watch out for any cows in pastures!” She called, as he drove off.

He laughed once more. “I will! Goodbye!”

She waved goodbye until he turned the corner and was gone. She slowly put her arm back down to her side, before taking a breath. She turned to the staff that was still standing there, awaiting orders.

“Cinderella, how is the garden looking?"

“Very good, Madame, the flowers look marvelous and the fountain is running smoothly, Madame.” Cinderella answered.

Odette gave a nod. “Good. All right then, since we all have a busy day tomorrow, I'll give you today off, so you can be rested for the last minute clean up tomorrow morning. I want you all to enjoy yourselves and just relax. I will need you tomorrow night, so I'm giving you the day off today. I will pay you extra for working the party, as George and I usually do. We thank you for your services.” She said, smiling. “You may go.” She said, receiving curtsies and bows before going inside.

She sighed with a smile. She always enjoyed the times around a party: The staff get a break the day before, they get paid a little extra for working it and she gets to have some fun during the party.

Her face turned serious. Don't forget how much is riding on this party... There's too much at stake... She thought, before going to her room.

She pulled an object out and examined it, before placing it back into where she pulled it from.

“Tomorrow night...” She said, slightly sad.

The morning of the party, staff was running every which way, making sure everything was perfect for the evening to come.

Odette was walking the halls, talking to Cinderella on one side of her and to Edgar on the other side, as she made sure everything was in perfect order.

“Cinderella, has the cook begun the dishes?” She asked, not even looking at her, as she looked at her own list in her hand.

“Yes, Madame. Him and his staff are working on it as we speak.” Cinderella said, keeping up with Odette.

“Good, tell him that I will be by there in about an hour to check on him and the food.” She said, making a note on her list.

“Yes, Madame.” Cinderella said, curtsying, before heading to the kitchen.

“Edgar, how many replied to the invitations?”

“Ninety-two percent, Madame. Ten percent more then your last party, Madame.” Edgar said, with a smile, while easily keeping up her with his long legs.

Odette smirked to herself. “I see they finally realize who hosts the best parties... Edgar, will you please oversee the decorations?” She asked, slowing down to a stop.

Edgar bowed. “Right away, Madame.” He said, before leaving to his destination.

She started walking again, checking off things on her list, before she was pulled into a corner.

“Ed-mgher!!” Her scream was cutoff by a pair of lips crashing on to hers.

Her eyes widened until she realized who it was and immediately melted into the kiss.

They pulled away from the kiss after a long moment, both a little breathless.

“Well... Hello there, stranger.” Odette said, breathing heavy from the kiss. She smiled up at him.

The man chuckled. “Hello... Tell me, does the hostess have time for a, private, word?”

She bit her bottom lip in a sexy way. “Hmm... I'm sure she could, um, squeeze you in... Come on, this way.” She said, pulling him down the hall until she came to the kitchen.

The kitchen staff was all bustling about, cooking and preparing the food for the party. They slipped in, surprisingly, unnoticed and crept to a cupboard near the back of the kitchen. She opened the cupboard and revealed a trap door big enough for them to go down into. They entered it and ran down the passage until coming to a door. She opened the door and pushed aside some clothes, making her way to the front of the wardrobe. She opened the door and they entered the master bedroom.

Odette went over to the bedroom door and locked the door. It was half a second after she put the key in her pocket when he turned her around and had pinned to the wall.

He pushed her up onto the wall, bringing her legs up to wrap around him. As she brought her legs around his waist, her dress fell back against her hips, revealing her smooth legs. He placed a hand on her legs, moving it slowly up her legs and under her dress.

She pulled him closer to her, wanting him, her body screaming for him. Her hands in his long black hair, undoing his ponytail.

He moved to her neck and started kissing and biting. “Gaston...” She moaned.

He pulled her from the wall some and placed an arm around her waist, before pulling her off the wall and leading them towards the bed.

He set her gently on the bed and soon her dress was thrown aside followed by her lingerie. His fingers played with her a moment, before he threw off his pants and shirt. He entered her, receiving a moan at the entry.

As he moved in her, they just stared at each other with wide eyes.

“Huh! Huh! Huh! Huh!” Were the noises she made as his thrusts in her continued.

Moments later, Odette was back in her dress sitting on one side of the bed, while Gaston was sitting on the other side, with his pants on.

Odette glanced at him, not being able to see his face for his back was to her.

“It felt the same to you that it did to me... huh?” She asked, softly, biting her lip.

He shrugged. “It was good, just didn't feel...” He asked, trailing off.

“Right?” She asked, finishing his sentence. She crawled over to him. “There's someone else... isn't there?” She asked, softly, sitting on her legs.

His blue eyes glanced at her before looking back at his hands. His silence answered her question.

She smiled at him and gave him a kiss on the cheek. “Then what are you doing here? You should be with her, not me.” She stated, nudging him.

He smirked at her, before getting up. He put his shirt on and went over to the mirror.

“Are you sure you're fine with this?” He asked, as he started straightening out his hair. He looked at her through the mirror.

Odette let out a small laugh. “Oh, yeah, I'm fine with it. Who am I to stand in the way of love?” She asked, playing with the end of her dress, her legs out beside her.

Gaston walked over to her and caressed her cheek, making her look up at him. She closed her violet eyes and leaned into his touch, before giving his hand a kiss.

“I won't forget you.” He stated, in such a serious tone that it made her smile.

“And I won't forget you...” She said, softly. “Now, then... You should go see that woman of yours.” She said, standing up and taking his hand.

She walked to the door and unlocked it, then they walked down the hall, towards the front door. A few maids stopped for a brief moment, watching them, before continuing what they were doing, but this time, their expressions were sad.

They walked to the front door, with Edgar already standing there with Gaston's coat.

“Your coat and hat, sir.” Edgar said, offering it to him.

Gaston nodded. “Thank you, Edgar.” He said, as Edgar slipped his coat on him. “Here's a tip.” Gaston said, slipping a twenty into Edgar's pocket.

“A most gracious offer, sir.” Edgar said, rolling his eyes once Gaston's back was to him.

He knew what the man's temper was like.

Odette gave Gaston a hug. “Take care of yourself.” She said, softly, before giving him one last kiss on the cheek.

“You too, Odette...” He said, before taking his hat and giving Odette a wink.

And then he was gone...

Odette let out a sad sigh as she stared at the door.

“Do not worry, Madame,” Edgar began. “I'm sure that, one day, you will find someone who will love you and them in return.” He said, before adding. “And I'm not just saying that because you're my employer.” He said, with a smile.

Odette looked up at him and smiled. “Thank you, Edgar... I needed to hear that. I'll find them, one day...” She said, looking down for a few moments. She then raised her head and a determined look appeared on her face.

“All right, Edgar, how are the decorations?”

“Very good, Madame, I was heading back to supervising right at this moment.” He said, with a bow before walking away.

“Good, now to the kitchens.” She said, before turning around and heading back towards the kitchens.

The party guests came rolling in as the night went on. Odette was moving from guest to guest, making sure she greeted every single one.

After all, she was the hostess.

Odette was wearing her favorite party dress: a black ground lengths dress with a red collar and long sleeves. It fit her curves just right, showing what was necessary, but not too much to throw a scandal.

She laughed along with one of her guests, before she excused herself to go onto the next one.

She discreetly pulled a list and a small pen from her sleeve. She wrote a check beside the name, smiling to herself at all of the people she had already greeted, and the party had really just begun too.

She slipped the list and the pen back into her sleeve, before looking up and seeing an old friendly face.

“Reverend Green, so nice of you to come,” She greeted as she walked over to the Reverend and his wife. “and, Mrs. Green, it is a pleasure to have you both here.”

“Ah, Mrs. Peacock, thank you for the invitation.” Reverend Green said, giving a wisp of a smile.

“Thank you, Mrs. Peacock, it's a pleasure for us to be here. Your parties are always the most entertaining of parties.” Mrs. Green said, giving Odette a smile.

“How could I not invite the man and his wife who married George and I?” Odette smiled. “Thank you, I'm glad you enjoy my parties, Mrs. Green. I'm sure this one will bring your expectations up.” She said, smiling at them.

“Speaking of Mr. Peacock, where is he?” Frollo asked, vaguely looking around.

“Oh, George got a call yesterday morning and had to go on a last minute business trip.”

“Ah, yes... Well, may the Lord watch over him as he travels.” Reverend Green said, raising his hand.

“Thank you, Reverend Green.” Odette said, smiling. “That really means a lot.”

He gave a nod of his head. “The Lord will see to his safe return, I am sure.”

“Come, Darling, Christine Marlow and her husband are here. It was nice talking to you, Mrs. Peacock.” Mrs. Green said, before her and her husband walked away.

Odette smiled as she pulled out her list again and marked the Greens with a check. She had already seen the Marlows, so she didn't have to worry about following the older couple.

She looked up when she heard a familiar voice. She turned and saw a man with glasses, holding papers and talking wildly to a man.

Professor Milo Plum... She thought, when she saw him.

George had invited him to give him another chance at the expeditions. George was one to believe in second chances, which was one of the things she admired most about her husband.

Professor Plum had seemed to not notice her as he walked dejectedly away from the man who gave him only a few dollars. She followed him, trying to get his attention, but he kept on moving, never looking back.

She huffed when she lost site of him in the crowd. She was willingly to help him, but he just ignored her.

If you're going to ignore the one running the party, don't bother coming at all! She thought, frustrated.
She looked up when she saw a familiar figure out of the corner of her eyes. Her head popped up as she looked over to her left.

No, it was the guests she had seen before... But she could have sworn she saw...

She shook her head. No, don't, he wouldn't be here... He better not be here... She thought.

Odette turned when she heard laughter. She saw a woman with long brown hair up in a headband, dancing around with a blonde woman in a white dress. Odette smiled when she saw them.

“Well you two seem to be enjoying yourselves.” Odette stated with a playful smirk as she walked up to them.

The brunette woman laughed. “Are we ever! This party has some gorgeous looking guys.” She said, with a smirk.

The blonde laughed. “Oh, man, yes! Thank you so much for the invite, D.” She said, coming up and putting her arm around Odette's shoulder.

Odette laughed. “You're welcome, Holli. I'm glad you two are enjoying yourselves.” She said, smiling. “And, Megara, try not to go overboard with the guys tonight; you have to sleep sometime.” Odette said, with a wink.

Megara scoffed. “Yeah, I do, I need to be sleeping with that man over there.” She said, pointing to a guy in the crowd. “Mmm, give me a piece of that.” She said, with a seductive smirk.

Odette laughed. “Don't wear yourself out too soon. The party's only just begun.” She said, smiling.

She pulled away from Holli. “Unfortunately, being the hostess, there are still some guests that I have to greet before I can have some real fun. I'll talk to you girls later.”

Odette walked away and checked them off of her list.

She walked over to the table where party food was being served. When she arrived, here eyes widened to see most of the food was half gone. She turned and saw Cinderella.

“Cinderella!” She called, motioning her over to her.

“Could you go tell some of the staff to bring out more food? We need to make sure food stays on the table until eight o'clock tonight.” She told her, in a bit of a hushed town.

Cinderella curtsied. “Yes, Madame.” She said, before turning to head to the kitchen.

“Oh, and Cindy?” Odette said, using her nickname.

Cinderella stopped and turned back to her. “Yes... Odette?”

“Once you're done with that you can take the rest of the night off if you want to. I'm sure you would want to enjoy yourself as well.” Odette said, with a smile.

Cinderella smiled back. “Oh, I'm fine, I could use the extra money anyways.”

Odette shrugged. “All right, don't say I didn't suggest it.” She said, waving her off.

She watched as Cinderella head into the house, before turning back to her list.

Only a few people were left on the list.

Odette nodded her head in determination as she went off to finish greeting everybody. She smiled as she greeted a young black man. “Hello, Dr. Black.”

“Ah, Mrs. Peacock!” Dr. Black greeted as he turned to her with a drink in his hand. “This is a party, so let's drop the formalities. Tonight, I'm Naveen and you are Odette.”

She laughed a little. “All right, you're the doctor.” She said, as he took a glass off of a tray that was passing him by from one of the servants. He handed it to her. “Oh, thank you.” She said, before taking a sip.

“So, are you enjoying the party, Dr-uh, Naveen?” She asked.

“Hmm...” He said, as he swirled the liquid in his glass. “Your best one yet, I would say. How is George? I haven't seen him at the party. He isn't ill, is he?” He asked, looking at her with interest.

“Oh, no, George is fine, he actually had to leave yesterday morning for a last minute business trip.” Odette said, before taking another sip.

Naveen laughed. “Of course, that's George Peacock for you. He should really think about retiring.” He said, taking a sip of his drink.

It was Odette's turn to laugh. “You know he wouldn't ever do that unless he had too, he loves working.”

“But why? He's a rich old man, with a beautiful young wife, why does he need more money for?” He asked, throwing his free hand in the air.

“It's not because of the money. He really loves working and helping people's dreams become reality.” She said, smiling at the thought of how happy George was when he was working and looking at new inventions; acting like a child with a new toy.

Naveen shook his head. “Well, anyways,” He said, placing his half empty glass on a tray as a staff member walked by. “I'll need to speak with you in private later tonight. How does 2:15 sound? In your husband's study?” He asked, with a bit of a grin.

She gave him a small smile back. “Of course, I'll be there.”

Naveen nodded. “Good... Don't be late.” He said, with a wink before walking away.

Once he was out of her sight, Odette let out a breath before drinking the rest of her drink. She handed it off to a staff member with an empty tray.

“Thank you.” She said, before finishing up her list.

Odette felt so relieved when she was done. She had about half an hour to dance before meeting with Dr. Black. So, she took the opportunity to do so.

She danced with a few men and by herself at times. She was really missing Gaston when she was by herself, but then would think of George and how he probably would have been more fun to dance with.

Seeing as he always was.

A fast beat was playing as she danced. It felt so good to let go of the outside world and just let her mind go as her body moved to the beat.

That was... until she heard a scream...

She turned and saw Professor Plum run back into the area. He looked pale as if he had just seen a ghost...

“I found a body....” He whispered, still wide-eyed.

Everyone in the room stopped.

“W-What?” She whispered, before she ran to where Milo had come from.

She gasp and nearly collapsed, but was caught by a staff member.

Her violet eyes widened as she stared, mouth opened slightly in shock.

There... on the ground... in blood... was a body...

The body of Dr. Naveen Black...

She wasn't sure when the police arrived, but when they asked her to come with them, she just nodded her head, shaking.

They carefully lead her into the hall on either side of her, afraid that she would collapse at any moment.

As they walked, they calmly told her that she was a suspect in the murder of Dr. Black and all she could do was stare at the ground in shock.

She was a suspect...?

{OOC: Please let me know if there are any mistakes. It's 2:21am my time and I can barely keep my eyes open to proof read it properly right now. I know it's really long, but I didn't just want to do a thing where "The party started and she danced the night away and heard a scream." Not what I wanted at all. When after thinking about what I wanted to write for this task, I KNEW what I wanted to write and everything I wrote here was exactly what I wanted X3 I hope you enjoy it and didn't get bored to tears from it being so long XD}

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PostSubject: Re: The life of the party... right...   Fri Sep 30, 2011 7:08 pm

XD Milo is such a jerk, isn't he. Loved it. Very Happy Can't wait to roleplay with you.
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PostSubject: Re: The life of the party... right...   Fri Sep 30, 2011 11:07 pm

OOC: Very Happy Well, I was just following what you wrote. XD You never wrote of Milo talking to Odette so, yeah Milo is a jerk. XD He was focused on talking to the men more then talking to the women at the party. XD I can't wait to roleplay with you either! 8D It shall be soo fun X3
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PostSubject: Re: The life of the party... right...   Sat Oct 01, 2011 12:49 am

ooc: and i can't wait to rp with you as well 8D
beautiful FF, and don't worry, it absolutely wasn't boring Wink and i absolutely LOVED George/Odette XDXDXD
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PostSubject: Re: The life of the party... right...   Sat Oct 01, 2011 2:35 am

OOC: Yeah, I kinda thought that Milo isn't a chauvinist, but I think he thinks less of women than men. XD
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PostSubject: Re: The life of the party... right...   Sat Oct 01, 2011 4:33 am

OOC: @Cale Thank you! Very Happy I'm so glad you liked it Very Happy Rping with you is going to be a blast! I can already see it! 8D I knew you would love the GeorgexOdette moment X3 I loved it too, I wish I could have written more of them XD They're so cute! X3 I'm so glad it wasn't boring X3

@Milo lol I thought so XD It shall be interesting to RP with you X3 I can't wait Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: The life of the party... right...   

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The life of the party... right...
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