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 The Roleplay has now OFFICIALLY Begun.

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PostSubject: The Roleplay has now OFFICIALLY Begun.   Mon Oct 03, 2011 7:05 am

As of this moment, the roleplay has now started.

All characters can roleplay and interact with each other.
Make sure you follow the rules and have fun!

Some last minute info:

-Before you can post, you MUST have posted in the topic, "Six Suspects {Who Killed Dr. Black?}". For the moment your fanfiction does not have to of been completed but you must do so within the week.
-A new topic will be opened in the Hall: 'The Inspectors Arrival {Questioning Begins}". After Cale and Anya have both posted, everyone can then begin roleplaying in that room.
-The Inspectors will inform you of what happens next.

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The Roleplay has now OFFICIALLY Begun.
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