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 When the Rich come out play...

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PostSubject: When the Rich come out play...    Mon Oct 03, 2011 7:52 am

Phoebus never liked parties... the people were always obnoxious, showing off their new trophy wife, or boasting about their careers... and there were always the smoozers: the suck-ups, chasing the rich and successful around... and the cheap whores dragging rich old men into corners just to get into their pocket (not that he would necessarly always complain about their services, and the whores he met never had a chance to reach into his pockets as long as he had a say in things.) This party was no exception. As he paid his personal chauffeur and stepped out of the car, which he had ordered to park around the corner as to avoid the welcoming reception and invite check list, he could already hear their false laughs and pretentious conversations.

He walked around the back of the estate, avoiding the main entrance. Security was limited, but if he caused a scene then their gracious hostess would just be informed and that was all he was trying to avoid. When he could see the crowds of people he seemlessly moved and blended in, taking the nearest glass from one of the waitors and joining a conversation with a group of gentlemen who seemed to be bankers.

Soon enough their conversation bored him. Their mundane pointless lives and personalities all just seemed to be a waste of space in his eyes. Their fat necks... their dull eyes.. In his mind he saw a noose, and their eyes widen as they began to choke.

He shook his head, the image that was momentarily clear as day in his mind gone. He realised he had been gripping the glass just a bit too tight, and obviously he had just been asked something as the conversation had gone silent. 'Sorry...' he said blankly. Just as he was about to make a move however, he noticed her- Odette Peacock. She didn't notice him, of course. Her pretty little head was far to occupied meeting and greeting her guests. But she had left the house, and that was all he needed to know to make his exit into it.

He shoved past a crowd of people, ignoring they complaints. All he had to do was glare at them and they went silent- people normally weren't stupid enough to query him on it. He edged his way into the house, and straight into the grand hall. People were dancing and socialising, drinking from glasses and admiring the music playing. Unintentionally a young women with red hair bumped into him.

'Oh, I'm sorry!' she said in a hurry.

Pheobus turned around suddenly, about to complain, but before he could he noticed Odette come back into the hall. He needed to hide, and what was a better way to blend in on a dance floor than by dancing? 'No, its no problem', he said, smiling in a way that he knew would charm almost all the idiots in gowns on this dancefloor. 'I'm Colonel Phoebus..' He offered his hand, emphasising his title for added effect.

'Well hello..' she said, and curtsied. 'I am Anastasia Tremaine.' She shook his hand.

'Do you want to dance Anastasia?' he said, taking her by the hand and waist as soon as she nodded, spinning around when he knew Odette was looking this way. 'So what brings you to this party?' he asked, not really caring as his eyes followed Odette. It seemed to be working- she wasn't looking this way.

'Oh, my family got an invite.. The Peacock's are renown for their parties you know.' She smiled up at him, but his face remained blank. Eventually he realised she was looking up at him. 'Oh.. yes... they certainly are.'

Eventually he was able to get rid of Anastasia, and Odette was no longer in sight. He proceeded up the stairs, and turned at the first hallway, passing by a maid. She didn't pay much attention however, and he entered the room on the right, which, if his information had told him was true, was the study.

The room was full of books and papers, but he knew that if anything would be of value it would be in the drawer locked away. He quickly rushed behind the desk and picked the lock of a small cabinet. With a click it opened and he flicked through the paper inside..


Phoebus only knew there was a murder when he overheard a woman shout it across the hall. Any minute the police would be here... and with that Phoebus hid the envelope that had been in his pocket in a place he was sure no body would bother looking, and then quickly slipped into the crowds.

He reckoned that he had around 10 minutes before everyone arrived. Slowly he moved away from the crowds of people pressumably near the body and went into the Billard Room. Murder didn't phase him... death was always apparent in war. There was no need to panic in his eyes, even if that made him look cold.

Phoebus was about to turn to a man on his right and try and find out what happened but instead the police arrived, grabbing him. 'Move this way please sir..' they said in a monotone voice. 'The inspectors would like to speak with you.'

'Hey!' he said. 'What the fuck do you think you are doing?!'

The police stared back at him, but Phoebus could see the hesitation and fear in his eyes. That look... it never failed to make his day, and he smiled in amusement as he looked up at him. 'You are a suspect in the murder of Doctor Naveen Black. Anything you say may be used against you in a court of law.' The scrawny man swallowed nervously but that didn't stop him grabbing him. They proceeded to drag him into the hall, which had now been vacated except for 5 other people.

'Get.. your hands.. off me!' he said sternly, before being left in the hall to wait.

So- a murder investigation. Phoebus wasn't even concerned. The prospect of an inquiry actually seemed fun. Time to play a few mind games, mess with a few heads, and more specifically come here and do what he intended to do. That is, see Odette Peacock fall from her precious tower and finally get what she deserved. There was no George here to protect her now...

He looked at her, noticing she now recognised him. 'Let the games begin cousin' he thought to himself, smiling in her direction.
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When the Rich come out play...
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