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 Prince Aladdin Azure

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General Information
Name: Aladdin Azure
Sex: Male
Age: 21
D.O.B: 21th of April
Job Status: Art Collector and Salesman
Desire: To be free and see the world
Fear: His past coming to light.

A ladies-man with a mischievious and adventurous spirit, Aladdin has a knack for getting his way through a mastery of manipulation and persistence. His blunt and bold nature often makes enemies for him. Strongly independent and full of physical stamina, Aladdin is competitive to the core and enjoys messing with his rival, Phoebus Mustard.

Aladdin's father was the younger brother to the King of Saudi Arabia. The King had a son and, therefore, Aladdin was not to be the following heir to the throne. However, the King saw great potential in the young Aladdin and thus he had his son and nephew attend the royal lessons together.

At the age of 11, Aladdin had become quite the athlete. He had also become frustrated with the feeling of captivity, living in the palace brought and he snuck out to the marketplace in disguise as a commoner where he experienced his first beating. One of the Royal guards were abusing thier power for show and was attacking a commoner when Aladdin stepped in, taking the beating and later, the King fired the guard. Later, on another palace escape, Aladdin met a suspicious, diverse group of art and arms collectors, futher fueling his obsession with collecting antique artwork and weaponry which he learns to deal and sell on the black market. He has been dealing with them since.

By the time he turned 18, Aladdin had developed a criminal reputation among the Kingdom under the guise of a commoner but when the crowned prince discovered that the criminal commoner was actually his own cousin, he became furious. One night, he followed Aladdin outside the palace and played spy, never realizing that an untimely death awaited him. Aladdin fled his country, met and traveled with Dr. Black to England under the guise of "starting a new life". But the reality of his situation had hit him when the crown prince was murdered; He can't go back...

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Prince Aladdin Azure
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