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 Wendy Brown

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PostSubject: Wendy Brown   Thu Oct 06, 2011 3:50 am


General Information
Name: Wendy Brown
Sex: Female
D.O.B: October 8th
Job Status: A traveler
Desire: That her father Sinbad will recover from her mother's death
Fear: That she might become an orphan

She is very optimistic and has a bright outlook on life, even though she worries for her father. She has a love of nature and especially loves the ocean, where she spent most of her growing up.

Wendy Brown grew up on the ocean and as a result got to see places that most kids her age would only dream about. She and her mother were very close and her mother would sing shanty's to her before she would go to bed. Life on the seas was never easy and a few times storms were so bad that men were lost at sea. Wendy and her mother would have to help find some means of helping cause a body to sink faster, in this way Wendy learned that the sea wasn't all friendly. At the age of sixteen, she was forced to watch as her mother was thrown overboard during a terrible storm, they later found her mother's body washed up on shore. The months following her mother's death, her father became a drunk and would come home most nights in a terrible temper. Wendy was relieved when a note was sent to her father asking if he would attend a party, he had been invited by one Mr. and Mrs. Peacock she encouraged him to go and he finally went. Deciding to keep an eye on him, Wendy followed him and had to hide away from all the adults.


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Wendy Brown
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