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 Mrs. Odette Peacock

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PostSubject: Mrs. Odette Peacock   Wed Sep 28, 2011 2:33 am

M R S. O D E T T E P E A C O C K

General Information
Name: Odette Peacock
Sex: Female
Age: 24
D.O.B: 18th January
Job Status: No current occupancy.
Desire: To one day have a child.
Fear: Never finding true love and to one day end up all alone in the world...

Odette is a sweet woman who is a bit on the naive side. She never expected there to be a murder, especially in her own home, during her party. She couldn't grasp how someone could just murder another human being... It was making quite a scandal of her party now. When it comes to her own feelings, she's a bit on the quiet side. Only when she's around her closest friends or when she makes a connection with someone, can she really get loud and more open.

Odette had grown up in a wealthy and happy home. Her parents didn't spoil her, hoping that she would grow up to be a down-to-earth young woman. When Odette was seventeen-years-old, her and her parents were in a carriage accident. She was the only survivor. Her parents had left no real Will, leaving no apparent heir. The court had decided that it would be best if Odette's aunt, Cruella Mustard, to take over the estate and manage the money. Cruella, not wanting to have to give up her new fortune, threw Odette out into the streets after a month.

Odette, alone, frightened, and homeless went to the only person she felt she could count on, Mr. George Peacock. He took her in the moment he saw her on his porch, soaked to the bone from the rain. She stayed with him for a few weeks before he had an idea on how to help Odette and to see her completely taken care of the rest of her life. He offered her the proposal of marrying him and inherit all of his wealth. He told her she would have complete freedom (as much as a woman can have in this day and age), she could have as many lovers as she wanted and she do what she wanted.

At first she was shocked by the idea, then after awhile, she realized it wasn't a bad offer. What else did she have? Nothing.

She told George yes and they were married by Reverend Frollo Green.

Now, with her social status raised, there were some that believed her to be a "gold digger" and looked down on her whenever they believed neither her nor George were watching. She honestly loved George, he saved her from a life in the streets... Who know where she would have ended up if it weren't for him? Probably the whore house, no doubt.

George has tried many times to spoil Odette, but then she would turn around and give what she felt she didn't need and would later just ignore to the poor. In all honesty, she loves the attention, but being raised to not be spoiled, she feels guilty receiving some of the stuff when others don't get a chance at it.

She has lovers, but none of them last for long and are very few. In all honesty, she wants someone that she loved and loved her in return.

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Mrs. Odette Peacock
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