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 Chief Inspector Cale Blue

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PostSubject: Chief Inspector Cale Blue   Wed Sep 28, 2011 3:12 am

General informatoni
Name: Cale Blue
Sex: Male
Age: 26
D.O.B.: 24th October
Job status: chief inspector
Relationshio status: engaged with Anya Violet
Desire: Anya
Fear: like he would tell it to you...


Cale is the classic dick that doesn't care of anybody, when he was at school he was even a young delinquent. He was the classica bullet without a future the ruled the school just thanks to his strenght. Nobody could even imagine that he had a soul. His life was done by alchol, drugs and sex. When the school ended he had to find a job, his life had to change a bit, but after all not too much. He was still a dick, still a playboy that, thanks to his beauty face, could have a different girl every night, still going out with the same people that he called friends but that he have never trusted. His life changed when he met Anya. She was the sun in his grey life. She's the only one to know his soft side, to know that, under the rude, violent man that he seems, there's something else. She's the only one with who he's actually and sinecerlly gentle and kind, and he's really overprotective toward her. But for the rest of the world, he's rude, unkind, sarchastic, even mean and violent.


Cale was an orphan, he had been entrusted to a lot of families, but he had always had problems with them and in more than one he had been beated. Life hasn't been tender with him. He had always been alone, and he didn't trust people. He neither had real friends, just people to go out with. Even with the girls, it was always just sex, nothing more (and since he was really a nice guy he used to go out with a lot of girls). As soon as he finished the school he abandoned his last adoptive family and started to live to his own in an apartment and started to work as a barman in a coffee. That was the moment when he met the first time Anya: she was a rich girl at her last year of school. She was kind, soft, naive... the extreme opposite of him. But he couldn't help: he was attracted by her since the first glance. But why a rich, spoilt girl would wanna watch at someone like him? So it was so amazingly surprising that she was attracted as well by him. At the beginning it was a game, like always: after one month while she came at the coffee all the days, he asked her to go out, she went out together a couple of times, they kissed, and, without that he could realize it, their story started to grow in importance.
He realized it only when they were become really closer, but she wanted to know more about his past, and he still didn't trust her enough, he still wanted to seem even with her the strong guy, he didn't want to be weak, or pathetic... so he did the only thing that he really could do: he rejected her and ran away. She was destroyed by it, he knew it, and deep inside he was destroyed as well, but he didn't want to admit it. He continued with his life, he pretended that everything was ok. But it wasn't. He realized it only when, after some months, he saw Anya walking hand by hand with another boy. He couldn't stay. He punched him. Anya was really upset, but he begged her to come back with him: he couldn't live without her. She couldn't resist, she still loved him, so she accepted. They was again together, and Anya was finishing the school, they couldn't be more happy. But Anya's parents weren't agree with their relationship: Anya had to stay with a rich man, a man like them, not with that ragamuffin! They didn't care if Anya was actually in love with him, nor that he really loved her back. They tried to divide them, but finally Anya decided to rebel to them and, when she ended the school, she ran away with Cale. They arrived in a new town: in a first period Cale continued to do the barman, and also Anya started to work with him. She had never worked in her life, but she wanted to do it. But, even if work was an experience new and exciting for her, Anya wanted to do something different from the barman and so, after a short period, she decided to become a police, and when she started the training Cale followed her. It was in that period, during the training, that they met Sikes: the man helped them a lot and, seeing the potential hidden in Cale, started to train him as an inspector. SIkes had seen right: he was really talented in it, even if his methods weren't exactly 'conventionals'. With his help, SIkes solved a lot of cases, and the Cale started to have his own cases. Often Anya followed him, helping him: it was in this way that Sikes realized how much potential the girl was hiding and, while Cale became chief inspector, Anya was invited to become inspector herself.
When Sikes called them for Black's death, he was having a dinner with Anya and he had just asked to her to marry him, and Anya accepted.
Now they're engaged and ready for a new case together.

Introduction Video

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Chief Inspector Cale Blue
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