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 [Past] So much more than just Laundry..? {Two POV's: Anya & Cale}

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PostSubject: [Past] So much more than just Laundry..? {Two POV's: Anya & Cale}   Fri Oct 14, 2011 3:38 am

CALE'S POINT OF VIEW {Written by Cale}

Cale was washing the laundry in the bathroom, like every sunday: sunday was the day for him to put a bit of order in the flat. If he wouldn't use that day for it, it would probably became impossible in less than a month enter in his tiny apartment.
It was passed almost two months from the day that he had saved the girl in the park.
The day when he escorted her to the school to never see her again.
There she was, sitted on his sofa, watching the tv, like she had been almost every day in the two months.
Cale looked at her: she was a so strange creature...
it was evident that she was grown up in the upper class: her impeccable manners betrayed her, but behind it she was so different from everyone else with the same background...
She didn't turn her nose at the lower class's life: instead, she was curious of it.
She seemed like a little bird, grew up in a gold cage, that finally find his freedom.
But, no, the bird wasn't a good comparison: she was stronger than this, more like a tiger kept in captivity.
And seemed like that tiger had found her den into his home...
Cale hadn't been really kind with her, expecially at the beginning: the fact that he didn't want have her there was kinda clear, but still he never sent her away. He hoped that she wanted to go away on her own.
But it never happened: Anya continued to come almost every day in the afteroon, sometimes even in the evening, when her parents weren't at home.
And if at the beginning he thought that it was really annoying, with the time it was becoming... normal... kinda familiar...
He looked at her and sighed
"Comfortable?" he asked sarchastic
She turned to him, looking interrogative "Yes..."
"Then, why don't you bring your ass there and give me a hand?"
"But i'm a guest!" she replied frowning, surprised by his words.
"A not invited guest. Wanna stay? Then help me."
Anya giggled, then raised up and approached him
"So, what have I to do?"

ANYA'S POINT OF VIEW {Written by Anya}

Cale was busy doing the laundry in the bathroom, like he usually did on Sundays. Anya had managed to sneak off after church to Cale’s house, she had told her parents she was once again going to stay at Anastasia’s. By now, Anastasia was more than willing to cover for her, once she learned where Anya was going.
Anya felt quite close to Cale now, she sat on his sofa without a care in the world, it was nice to feel so at home at his flat, rather than uncomfortable in her own house. With him was the only time she could fully relax and ever since that first day she had returned to his flat, it had been almost impossible for her to stay away. Nowadays, she simply turned up when she wanted to, at first, she was sure it annoyed Cale, now she thought he was at least getting used to having her there. It was nice... a nice “friendship”...
Anya bit her lip. He seemed so oblivious. She shouldn’t even go there for so many reasons; he was clearly not interested and her parents would flip. No, her parents would do more than that, they would either: declare her insane and have her shipped off to a mental institution, keep her locked up in a tower until a man worthy enough of her parents’ high standards showed up or send her away to boarding school. All for the sake of society and their class. She rolled her eyes at the thought.
“Comfortable?” Cale’s sarcastic voice broke her thought patterns and she turned towards him, looking at him blankly for a moment.
“Yes, I am actually,” Anya laughed. “I didn’t know you cared enough to ask.” She had grown used to Cale’s sarcasm over the weeks that had passed and decided she quite liked the sense of humour, thus she had begun to imitate it. Much to Cales’ annoyance.
“I don’t care,” Cale rolled his eyes, frustrated. “Bring your ass over here and give me a hand.” Anya looked up with mock-shock and pretended she was offended by his words.
“But I am your guest!” She protested, a smile breaking through her pretence.
“No, you are an uninvited guest,” Cale corrected her. “Now, if you want to stay, you will get yourself over here and help me.” Anya giggled, she actually found him quite amusing now when he became angry with her, she knew it wouldn’t last long, he would get bored so they would most likely play cards together and when she “let” him win, he would cheer up and they would talk normally again. It was almost like a game.
“Alright then bossy, what do I have to do?”
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PostSubject: Re: [Past] So much more than just Laundry..? {Two POV's: Anya & Cale}   Fri Oct 14, 2011 5:13 am

(Awh this was so adorable! I love the interactions between Anya and Cale! Cool )
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[Past] So much more than just Laundry..? {Two POV's: Anya & Cale}
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