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 Lady Tiana Lavender

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PostSubject: Lady Tiana Lavender    Fri Oct 14, 2011 7:10 am

General information
Name: Lady Tiana Lavender
Sex: Female
Age: 25
D.O.B.: May 5th
Job Status: Herbalist
Desire: Find a new plant to spice up her life
Fear: Men

Lady Lavender is an honorable lady who tends to be a slight bit of a trouble-maker at times. Her herbal business makes her successful, wealthy, and entertained, and also quite spoiled...

Tiana is a successful herbalist, but before she became the arrogant, spoilt and rich woman who's now...she was only lady Tiana Lavender, lord Lawrence Lavender's devout wife.
Their marriage seemed perfect at people's eyes, an aristocratic husband and a middle class's woman could bring only an happily future, but behind the "perfect" marriage there was hide an obscure truth: domestic abuse...Yes...The aristocratc, kind, polite man beated his own wife!
At that time Tiana was only a young girl, she had only 18 years old, she didn't know where she could talk about what happened at her house...she was alone: her parents left her when she got married to go in a new town, where they could begin a new life...but she had her knowledge about plants, flowers and...poisons!
Tiana couldn't ask for the divorce, her husband won't never let her go away from him..."...but if he died..."...this thought came in her mind every day...but she couldn't kill him! He was her could she kill him?
Years passed...her husband "accidentaly" died, the police didn't find the real murderous and, even if she was suspected, Tiana could begin a new life...without a violent husband...but with a famous shop where she could sell her medicines make with plants, flowers and berries...Did she kill him? We don't know...we only know that now...she's suspected on a new her best clients's home...Did she really doesn't know who's Dr. Black? Did she kill him? Or is she really innocent?Will we discover the truth about her past?
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Lady Tiana Lavender
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