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 Miss. Megara Scarlett

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PostSubject: Miss. Megara Scarlett   Wed Sep 28, 2011 4:12 am

Name: Megara Scarlett
Sex: Female
Age: 21
D.O.B: 12th December
Job Status: Seductress (Slut)
Desire: Sexual Activites.
Fear: Why would she tell you?

Miss. Scarlett is a very cocky and sarcastic girl. When she feels pressured she lets out her sexual side or her sarcastic side. She never really cares about the people who wants to get with her. The only thing she gives them is her sexual side, after that they are nothing to her unless they become a customer. When she lets out her bitch side is when someone calls her a slut or rejects her. She has a lot of manners, mostly because of her working as a waitress when she was younger. Megara had always never let any situations make her upset. Even when someone would be absolutely Cruel to her.

Miss. Scarlett grew up mostly supporting herself. At age 5 her parents got into a ugly fight, her mother turned heartless and her Dad left her. She grew up with her mother, who beat her if she did anything wrong. The day she found out she had to take care of herself was when she turned 8. Her mother came home with another boyfriend of hers, making Megara not please. When her mother saw the disgusted look on her face..She beat her, letting her boyfriend watch and laugh telling her mother that's how you keep them in place. After the beating Megara walked up into the room..Never did she cry..Never did she let it bother her, letting it bother her made the beating worse.

At the age of 13 she had to get her own job. The job was a waitress at a high class restaurant, working hard shifts everyday and night. She had a good pay, everything was perfect for her. Until the day her mother came into the restaurant, seeing her daughter working there. Her mother became furious, having her daughter have a better job then her. Megara was pushed to the ground, letting the dishes in her hand drop. Furious Megara laid her mother a mouth full, calling her a slut who is jealous of her to have a better job. The fight was long, but the owner stopped the fight..They went to court a month later, letting Megara's owner get custody over her. And went to a better school.

At the age of 16 Megara had a relationship, something she loved too death. She had given her virginity to the boy Garrett, having sex almost every date night. She loved him and he loved her..Or so she thought. The day of the breakup, Megara was walking around her school. Megara had happened to turn the the next corner, seeing her boyfriend kissing another girl. She hid and listen to their conversation, hearing him say how she was just a toy and just being with her because she loved him. The girl laughed and stopped when Megara stepped out, glaring at the boy she loved. Once again, without crying without letting it get to her she told him to go fuck himself. Garrett was surprised to see how tough she was, making him know that she wasn't coming back. After that situation she decided to have fun with boys, letting him have sex with her and leave. That was when she turned into a 'Seductress' (Slut). Megara laughs at the bitches who call her a slut, cause after all. If they were doing something right in bed, they wouldn't go to her sex..She was her school's slut..

After a month later of her working at her new job. Her guardian, Jessica happened to walk into the bar Megara was working at. It was a slut house and a bar. Megara had worked at both. Jessica happened to see Megara walk on stage, dancing her little ass off. She was furious to see her stripping in front of men. After the show, Jessica stormed into Megara's room in back of the bar. Megara was shocked to see her, knowing she was going to hear it. Jessica gave her a mouth full, how she was ending like her mother. How she had tried so hard to keep her from becoming like her mother. Megara looked at Jessica, screaming her little head off. Finally she told her why she was doing this, telling her about what Garrett had done to her. Jessica suddenly regretted her words, knowing that Megara was doing this to keep herself sane. She finally came around, letting Megara do what she wanted. Though even now Jessica has never stopped taking care of her little Megara. After all she is the most important person in Meg's life.

Now at age 21, Megara is a successful 'Seductress'. Making $400 bucks a night. Megara is now sex obsessed, being fucked almost every night and day. She has never been ashamed of her job, and she never will. After all this career had led her to her best friend, Holli. And now she is having the time of her life, letting herself never cry over horrible things. Cause after all, she has had worse. And now she is a suspect to a murder, freaking fantastic. Megara is looking forward to this, waiting to see what will happen. And the only thing she knows is that, she didn't do it..

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Miss. Megara Scarlett
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