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 Madamoiselle Rebecca Rose Mystique

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PostSubject: Madamoiselle Rebecca Rose Mystique   Mon Oct 17, 2011 9:32 pm

Name: Rebecca Mystique
Gender: Female
Age: 25
Date of Birth: 30th of November
Relationship Status: Has a current lover
Job: Lady of Briar Thorne Manor
Desire: To break Cale Blue's spirit
Fear: Unknown

She has a serpentine mind, always thinking, calculating and fast. Clever, witty but also playful, perhaps that is what makes her even more frightening is that fact that she looks down on most others like a cat would a mouse. Her predatory eyes seeming to gaze into your soul. While quite even tempered she exhibits a playful nature when happy, though still maintains the proper respect and mannerisms of the noble she is. She doesn't lord her position or wealth over others to her credit, judging others merely by their personality. Which she seems to have a nack for guessing, seeming to have a sixth sense about things. Some label it coincidence others label it as an unnatural talent of hers. She uses it to her advantage on a lot of matters, quite the genius also if she becomes focused. Studying various different fields of knowledge to make up for what she lacks in brute strength. When it comes to murder she takes it to an art form, always changing her style to suit the situations, having long since given up her innocence. She a funny habit of playing with tarot cards and mentions them a lot in regular dialogue using when referring to her victims.


To tell her tale you have to go back to her family lineage.... way back when. The family of the Rose was respected and feared in the dark times, with wealth and power they had alot settled in the palm of their hand. But then it was revealed to the public that the heiress Emelia Rose was a serial killer. Emelia killed many innocent people on a rampage one night forever staining the Rose household red with blood. When she was brought to justice the main part of the Rose family scattered in disgrace.... it would not be till many years later a descendant of Emelia would raise his family back up under the guise of a new name.

Monsieur Mystique, Rebecca's father set the house in its proper state of nobility.... with many dealings to the western world. On one of his trips he brought back a woman who he later married. It is reported that his wife died in childbirth, giving birth to a baby girl. Rebecca was of course the child, she was raised by her father solely to understand the traditions and way of her household. Her father brought in tutors from many great universities to teach her all she needed to know and so Rebecca began to excel. Knowledge fascinated her, she wished to know everything so she constantly asked her father to take her with him on business trips. He conceded and so she began to travel all over the world with him, while maintaining her studies of course.

By the age of 14 Rebecca had mastered 3 intrustment, 6 languages and was an accomplished rider. Very focused on her future which pleased her father greatly, though.... she was soon derailed. At the tender age of 16, she fell in love with a young woman name Daria who was just a simple common girl she had met by accident. They were happy and very much in lover but because of this Rebecca began to ignore her studies. This displeased her father so much that it began fights between them. One night Rebecca's father showed her the truth, that Daria was just interested in her to gain access to the household so that she could steal their valuables. The following night Rebecca went for a walk with Daria in the rain on a stormy night and then under the guise of a kiss stabbed her lover before leaving her to die. Walking away as Daria cried out for her.

After she had told her father what she had done, he just simply smiled and told her she was a good girl. Thus began the murderous career of Rebecca, like all serial killers she started out small and docile. Killing a would be rapist here, a thief there... but soon it all became a game to her. Regular police were having trouble catching her, for Rebecca was a smart girl and covered her tracks. The first time she ever did something grand was the murder of a church priest right on the steps of the church, she shot him then took a knife proceeding to cut into his chest the words 'where is your god?' leaving him there for all to see the sunday morning. It was the first case she ever crossed paths with Inspector Cale Blue, and the first time she was almost caught. The experience was that of ecstasy for her, finally there was someone who could match her wit and ruthlessness.... she enjoyed it. And for many years this game of cat and mouse kept going on and on but she always managed to slip through his fingers. Not to mention constantly have this nasty habit of cornering in on his fiancee, flirting with Miss Anya Violet & Mr Cale Blue during a case is one of her favorite habits.

Her name as a Lady never tarnished although the blood she has spilt could fill a room to the brim. With her fathers connection and financing she continues her work, every now and again experimenting on those under her fathers employ. Though one of her greatest passions....teaching. The art of murder, is a wonderful thing for her to spread around and has on many occasions found a killer before the inspectors turning even the more harmless ones into vicious psychopaths.

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Madamoiselle Rebecca Rose Mystique
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