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 Mrs. Esmeralda Black

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PostSubject: Mrs. Esmeralda Black   Tue Oct 18, 2011 2:03 am

General Information
Name: Esmeralda Black
Sex: Female
Age: 24
D.O.B: 17 February
Job: Unknown
Desire: Getting revenge once she has been treated wrong
Fear: She never speaks about her fears.

She can get angry very easy. She doesn't care if she hurts anybody. She is a fighter and she won't give up that quik. When you irritated her you'll play with fire. She can be nice. But you'll need to deserve it first. In her eyes you'll need to gain respect first. If you don't. You'll better watch yourself.
She had always been a problem child. From little child to grown up woman she did not change. She likes it rough.

Growing up with a spoiled older brother. She learned to be strong. They used to beat each other up till almost death.
She never liked her brother. Often she walked away from home. She hated the glamour and the money. Games like who has the nicest car or the most expansive diamond ring. She hated it all.
Spending days outside instead of being teached some manners.

She grew older and her mother didn't like the atitude. She wanted her daughter to be a lady. Being forced to act like one. She couldn't be herself anymore. Her brother became more and more a jerk through the years. He started to touch her. Esme strong enough to fight back. Trying to tell her parents but they wouldn't listen. It was taboo in their ears. Their beautifull son could never do such a thing.

The abuse happened one day before the party. Locked up in the basement. She was glad she was found. She won't even shed a tear about his death...

Introduction video
will be added later.
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Mrs. Esmeralda Black
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