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 Miss Marina Black

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General Information
Name: Marina Black.
Sex: Female
Age: 21
D.O.B: Desember 4th
Job Status: Unemployed.
Desire: Money.
Fear: Spiders.

Marina doesn't care for much other than herself. She will always put herself before others. It is not that she does not have a soft side, but this soft side is burried extremely deep down.

Marina was born into a poor family, and as a result, never got as much as her wealthier friends. Admiring their possessions Marina quickly grew jealous of their wealth, and swore she would do whatever it took to get the life she always wanted. A life in luxury. With her father's tragic passing from a car crash one winter when Marina was no more than nine years old Marina grew cold to the outside world. She wanted nothing to do with anyone, and when her mother died of pneumonia when Marina was sixteen her suspicions were confirmed. Everyone she loved would eventually leave her, volunterally or not.
By the time Marina hit her 18th birthday she had already met the wealthy Naveen Black. She had all the money she could ever want, and she saw her opportunity to seduce him one night at one of his private parties. They quickly moved to the master bedroom and Marina didn't leave the mansion until the next morning. After that it did not take long for her to get the marriage proposal she had wanted from him.
Over the three years they had been married Marina had grown tired of Naveen, but would not consider a divorce as she would loose half of her precious money. No, a divorce was out of the question.
At the night of the murder, Marina left Naveen for a short period of time to get herself something to drink and to mingle with the other guests at the party. When she returned, Naveen had already been murdered.

Introduction Video:

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Miss Marina Black
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