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 Miss Jane Beige

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~Miss Jane Beige~

~Miss Jane Beige~

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PostSubject: Miss Jane Beige   Mon Mar 19, 2012 1:43 am

Name: Jane Beige
Sex: Female
Age: 26
Job: Journalist
Crush: Esmeralda Black


Due to her good education she is refined but the war tought her to be tough. She is used to manipulate people, letting them think she's just a weak pretty young woman (which is not true AT ALL...). She's very intelligent but her love for Esmeralda makes her a little easier to manipulate than she should normally be. She would do anything for the one she loves and can get very jealous of anyone approaching "her" Esmeralda. She is, what we can call, "addicted" to her.

Jane grew up in a very wealthy family. She was the only child and heir of the family so she had a lot of pressure on her shoulders. Her parents were more concern about her studies and succes than her feelings and, since she was tought at home she spent her childhood feeling very lonely. She learned economy, mathetematics, grammar, foreign languages but also how to play a lot of music instruments. The war started in her country so, after several months of chaos, she fled from her country. As she was well educated she found a job as a journalist in the country she emmigrated to.
She met Esmeralda Black a few mounths before the party: she helped Esmeralda when she was attacked by drunk men in the street. They became friend and Jane totally fell in love with that strong and independant woman. Emeralda told Jane about the fact that her brother, Naveen Black, sexually harrasses her which drove Jane in a state of rage against him.
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Miss Jane Beige
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