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 Professor Milo Plum

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PostSubject: Professor Milo Plum   Thu Sep 29, 2011 6:15 am

General information
Name: Professor Milo Plum
Sex: Male
Age: 27
D.O.B: 7th of August
Occupation: History professor
Desire: To get the funding for his expedition to Ireland
Fear: No more money


Milo is an only child. He loves history, he likes to know things. He likes to read, so he will spend most his time in a library. He can be a bit dense when it comes to socialising with people. He has hard time understanding sarcasm and doesn't read peoples emotions that well. He is quite toughtfull in his own little way. He is a pasionate man (about history mostly), and when he feels like no one understands him or he doesn't get his way he can get into a all caps rage. He was bullied as a child, so he now tends to avoid aggressive male figures.


He is the only child of academic over achieving parents. He learned to read when he was four, because his parents never read him a bed time story. He got interested about history when he was 8. He found an arrowhead on a brook. In school he was bullied, so he coped by reading biographys of historic persons. His parents divorced when he was 13. Before that he had to cope with his parents fighting all the time for years. After the divorce he was sort of relived, and started to socialise with his peers. When he was 16 his grandfather died, so he shut himself up again.

He went to an university to study history. After he graduated he tried teaching for a while, but found research much more suitable for him. He has managed to write a lot of books and papers. He has organised a few expeditions and excavations, and he had succesfully gathered funding for them by attending parties and galas, scouting wealthy financiers. How ever his last excavation changed everything. He was digging on a site in Russia, searching for the remains of a viking settlements when someone found a buried treasure. It was the fortune of an Russian aristocrat who had dug his fortune underground so that the revolutionists couldn't get to it. Milo wasn't looking for that, so he sold the treasure on the black market, giving a small share to the person who had found it. But somehow the word spread, and his financiers turned their backs on him.

And now when he is trying to raise money for the expedition to Ireland, no one is giving him any. This is his last straw, or he'll have to go back to teaching. He went to the party to get mr.Peacock to fund his cause, but he wasn't there. So he asked from other people at the party, until he saw Dr.Black. He went after him , searching for him, because he hadn't seen where he went, and found him dead. He has no alibi, so that makes him a suspect, but he is innocent.

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Professor Milo Plum
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