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 Rules of the Forum { Also: How to Begin }

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PostSubject: Rules of the Forum { Also: How to Begin }   Tue Sep 27, 2011 9:48 pm

Rules will be enforced on the roleplay to ensure the steady flow of messages in a clear time-line and so that everyone gets along in a happy manner.

[1] Do not make your character jump around. If they move from one room to the next, make it flow and write where you are heading.
[2] Do not appear in two places at once. You can only be posting in one topic at a time, you are not magic.
[3] No abusive language directed at the players themselves is allowed, only at their characters.
[4] When signing up, you must use your character's disney forename and surname in this format - FirstLast. For example: AnyaViolet. No "Miss" or "Colonel" is necessary.
[5] More shall be added later, check regularly for updates.

Also, as a request, please make your character profile as soon as possible, using "Inspector Anya Violet Character Profile" as a format.
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Rules of the Forum { Also: How to Begin }
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